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    Zach Spuckler - 5 Day Challenge


    So you're ready to launch that program...

    To get that course out into the world...

    Or, to bring in your first flood of coaching clients...

    Or, finally fill up that client roster for your services...

    Or, build up your direct sales team and move some product...

    BUT - you also know a few other things right off the bat...

    You don't want a launch that leaves you feeling exhausted

    You don't have deep pockets, so the budget is REAL

    You have an awesome idea, but your audience size isn't as awesome

    You just WANT IT, like in your bones you're ready to make progress

    Now if you're like 99% of people, you just rode the roller coaster of I CAN DO THIS, to DO I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES, and you've just docked at "JUST SHOW ME THE DANG PLAN".

    I can tell you first hand that I've experienced MANY launches. Launches that have made as little as $400, and as much as $60,000 and I've hit every target in between.

    Challenges are the quickest, easiest, lowest risk launch there is.


    They don't require a massive audience, you don't need deep pockets, and you just need to be READY to make progress.

    So if you're ready for more clients, less work, and better results... let's do this!

    Planning Your 5-Day Challenge
    There is this major error that a LOT of people make when they plan their 5-day challenge.

    They see everyone else on the internet doing one of these...

    5 Day [Insert Social Media Platform Here] Challenge

    5 Day [Insert Green Smoothie, or Clean Eating, or Other "Health Topic] Challenge

    5 Days Challenge to [Insert Topic]

    Are you salivating to sign up?

    Yeah, me neither.

    You need to focus on creating a challenge offer that is specific and tied to an outcome.

    So how can you get this done?

    Easy: Create a challenge based on something you can CREATE in just 5 days for your potential customer.

    Here are several challenges I've run successfully using this idea:

    Generate 20 Leads & 1 Sale This Week With Livestreaming

    Build Your Simple Sales Funnel in Just 5 Days

    Create Your FIRST (or Next) High Converting Facebook Ad in Just 5 Days

    Wow, way more exciting right?

    So if you're planning a 5 day "challenge" ditch the same old 5-day challenge "name" and change it into a 5 day EXPERIENCE that your prospects will go through with YOU!

    Once you get the topic of your challenge on lock, then it's time to fill that sucker up!

    Promoting Your 5-Day Challenge
    Promoting and Filling the challenge is VERY important. We usually see a 3-5% conversion on a COLD audience, and 6-8% conversion on a warm market.

    That means for every 4-6 sales we want (depending on audience temperature) we need to get 100 people into the challenge.

    I recommend using at least 3 different traffic sources...

    (1) Paid Traffic Source

    (1) Organic Traffic Source

    (1) Outreach Traffic Source

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