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    Tommy Griffith Clickminded SEO Training Course

    The ClickMinded SEO Training Course
    The most comprehensive course on search engine optimization ever.

    Keyword Strategy – Keyword selection strategy and tools.
    On-Page Optimization – Keyword analysis and searcher intent.
    Off-Page Optimization -Developing your link building strategy.
    Technical Optimization – Redirects, canonical tags and indexing.
    Competitive Analysis – Get actionable competitive data.
    Startup SEO Audit – SEO analysis of a startup.
    Algorithm Updates – Overviews of major algorithm updates.
    Local and International SEO – Local and international SEO campaigns.
    New Site SEO Tutorial – The strategy we use to launch new sites.

    The course includes:

    Introduction to SEO
    On-Page Optimization
    Off-Page Optimization and Link Building
    Technical Optimization
    Internationalization and Local SEO
    Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Updates
    Starting a New SEO-Friendly Site from Scratch
    Recommended Tools and Services

    How to Use This Course

    How To use This Course Introductlon to SEO

    Introductlon to SEO

    Introductlon to ClickMinded (2:39)
    Introductlon to SEO
    SEO vs SEM
    Clickthrough Rates
    Search Anatomy
    Algorithm Updates
    SEO in 60 Seconds

    On-Page Optimizatlon

    On Page Optimization
    Keyword Research
    Understanding Searcner Intent
    Titie Tags
    Meta Description Tags
    Heading Tags
    Body Copy
    ALT Text

    Off-Page Optlmlzatlon

    Off Page Optimization
    Domain Authonty
    Dealing with Bad Links
    Unk Bullding

    Technlcal Optlmlzatlon

    SEO-Friendly URLs
    Age of Domain
    Duplicate Content
    □ 301 Redlrects
    Canomcal Tags
    Indexed Pages
    WWW vs. Non-WWW
    site Speed

    Everythlng Else

    Evaluatlng Competitors
    Social Media
    Reputation Management
    SEO for WordPress
    International SEO
    Mobile SEO
    Panda Update
    Penguin Update
    Secure Search (Not Provided)
    Schema Markup
    Entraes S Structured Data
    Tools and Services

    Startup SEO Audit

    Startup SEO Audit Part 1 (8:31)
    Startup SEO Audit Part 2 (6:52)
    Startup SEO Audit Part 3 (8:17)

    Start a New SEO-Friendly Site From Scratch

    New Site: Keyword Research (8:25)
    (3 New Site: Keyword Mappmg (17:36)
    New Site: Domain Name (1:57)
    New Site: Installing WordPress (4:31)
    New Site: Conflguring WordPress (11:32)

    Right guys i am not sure if this is a update from the original product,but is has just been posted from a good source?

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    Can i get this please?

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