[FREE] Trash-Proof News Releases - News Release Writing Course

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    [FREE] Trash-Proof News Releases - News Release Writing Course
    - Trash-Proof News Releases -
    From The Folks At Nitro Marketing - $37

    Here's what is in the course:

    - The absolute best way to ethically influence the media.
    Do this and you will double or triple your chance of
    getting the publicity that you desire.

    - The secret bottom line formula that you must have to
    create news releases that jump off the page. Without
    this formula, all your news releases will be sentenced
    to the trash bin.

    - Learn exactly what these ordinary people did to get
    tremendous media attention. This huge collection of PR
    Success Stories includes actual press releases and
    strategies that resulted in major news coverage. This
    alone is worth far more than the price of the entire book.

    - How to Tap Into the Hidden Psychology of Media Editors.
    When you learn these absolutely diabolical secrets,
    editors will think you've been reading their minds
    because your news releases will give them exactly
    what they want to publish.

    - How to write irresistible news releases even if you
    have writing phobia. Paul's simple techniques lets you
    breeze through news release writing -- even if you
    don't have a creative bone in your body.

    - The startling truth about publicity ... and the inside
    information you must know before you embark on any
    PR campaign

    - Learn the 10 enormous mistakes people make that
    cost them the publicity that could make them a fortune.
    You'll be in for a rude awakening when you see how many
    of these mistakes you are making.

    - You are only 1 news release away from becoming famous
    or making a fortune. Paul shows you how to spot the best
    PR opportunities that are worth their weight in gold.

    - How to create dozens of riveting news angles to get
    the editor's undivided attention even if you don't think
    you have a story to tell.

    - Discover the most important media targets that can
    give your business an unfair advantage. Use these to
    the hilt before your competitors catch on.

    - Learn “straight from the horse's mouth” what real-
    life editors want to see in your news releases that
    will guarantee you news coverage.

    - 10 practically unknown strategies you need for using
    e-mail to get news coverage.

    - Closely guarded ingenious strategies that make your
    news release say, “Drop what you're doing and read
    me now.”

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    It's a good one to have.
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    Thanks for sharing

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