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    Amanda Dobson - SMS Squeeze Strategy


    Quickly and Easily Automate SMS Text Messaging Campaigns To Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Promo Revenue – In 7 Days or Less – Without Increasing Your Ad Budget by a Single Dollar
    Master Marketer Amanda Dobson reveals the SMS Squeeze Strategy that has made her clients millions of dollars, allowing them to practically eliminate their competition while creating a more stable and profitable business model!
    Dear Friend,
    I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times “businesses make money when they send emails”.
    Now, imagine, instead of dismal 15%, 10% or even 5% open rates
    to your emails you could get almost every person to open every message you ever send, ever!
    Imagine averaging 35% or more on the click through rates to your offer.
    Consider how much more ROI you can get from your media spend, webinar registrants and lead magnets knowing that 33% of all sales come from this almost “guaranteed delivery” follow-up.
    Think about the edge that you will have over your competitors when you can generate 2x or 3x more revenue out of every lead than they do.
    “He who can spend the most money to acquire a customer, wins.”
    – Ryan Deiss CEO Digital Marketer
    You probably already know that the money in online marketing is in the list, you’ve heard it a million times.
    But what you may not have thought about. nothing says it has to ONLY be an email list.
    If you give me just a few minutes of your time to explain, I’ll tell you what I mean by that, and what it means for you and your business.
    But first, tell me. does any of this sound familiar?
    Your emails are performing worse than usual or are inconsistent.
    You constantly worry about your email sender score/IP reputation.
    You’re adding new subscribers regularly but your revenue doesn’t seem to budge.
    If you said yes to any or all of the above, you’re in the right place.
    Hi, I’m Amanda Dobson. I’m a Publisher at Agora Financial (a $300 Million Dollar a year GIANT).
    Over the years I’ve had the honor of working with some legendary marketers, including Perry Belcher, Roland Frasier, Ryan Deiss and some other names you probably recognize.
    I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my time with them, but none have been as profitable or needle moving as this.
    How We Got Blacklisted, And Why I’m So Grateful We Did.
    There are a lot of problems with email marketing, despite all of it’s obvious positives.
    Poor deliverability, changes to policies, inactive segments hurting your inboxing.
    The list goes on..
    and when our domains were blacklisted in 2017 because of an accidentally broadcast email.
    The email cash flow came to a dead stop for us.
    I had to figure out, and fast, how we were going to continue to send out offers and make the cash register ring.
    What I found made our business stronger, more profitable, even more scalable than ever before.
    “Our Business Will Never Be This Reliant On Email Ever Again”
    Out of desperation, comes innovation.
    It was during this soul crushing time that I tested dozens of new communication channels, as a way of getting our offers to our prospects.
    It was clear, that email could no longer be the center of our business, with no back up plan.

.And during my testing I had one VERY CLEAR front runner.
    My first experiments with SMS (text message) marketing were unimaginable.
    I remember us sending text messages to 1100 people one Sunday morning and raking in over $9000 in sales in just 3 Hours!
    The 97% open rate results were UN-REAL.
    With 42% of people clicking to see the offer.
    Our offers were converting 3-5x HIGHER than even our best email offers.
    Best of all? We were earning up to 6X more per subscriber every time we sent a text!
    SMS Marketing Changed EVERYTHING!
    But I quickly realized.
    SMS marketing is a fine art.
    It could easily be over-used or incorrectly implemented (ouch!)
    Learning all of the ins, outs and best practices took me MONTHS.
    At the time, there were no courses or products that could teach me what I needed to know to run a profitable and compliant SMS program that added value to my subscribers and to my business.
    Little did I know, that not following the rules had serious consequences.
    .which resulted in me even getting kicked off of the sms platform I was using.

    Inside You’ll Discover How To.
    Implement SMS and start sending messages immediately
    Create a comprehensive monetization strategy that will keep the money rolling in
    Create automated cart abandon campaigns to recover otherwise lost orders
    Navigate all of the compliance guidelines, making sure your program is sustainable
    Gather SMS leads along with your email opt in with virtually no impact on your conversion rates
    Choose the right platform, so that all of your needs are met
    PLUS, I’ll show you how to optimize your offers for mobile, giving your users the best experience possible (leading to higher conversions)
    Plus SO much more.
    Plus, over $1000 in Bonuses.

    Bonus #1
    15 Copy and Paste SMS Campaign Templates – Unlimited Value You’ll be able to get started immediately with pre-written campaigns that are tested and proven.

    Bonus #2
    Mobile Optimization Checklist – Get your offers ready for a mobile audience for a better user experience and ultimately more sales – Valued at $197

    Bonus #3
    SMS Quick Start Implementation Tutorial – Valued at $97 Make sure you don’t miss any crucial steps, so that your automated campaigns perform flawlessly and make you money while you sleep.

    Bonus #4
    Seven Level Profits Community Access – Valued at $997 You’ll get access to the private Seven Level Profits community. It’s packed full of business owners and marketers just like you. You can ask questions, get advice or take a look at what other people inside of the community are doing. Plus, I’ll be in there sharing new tricks and strategies with you as I come across them, so you’re always ahead of the crowd.

    Bonus #5
    How to Get The Digits – Sign up to SMS Squeeze today, and get up to 500 FREE SMS credits from Call Loop, so that you can implement what you learn and start making money right away! PLUS You’ll get their guide on “How to Get The Digits”, so that you can easily start building your SMS list! Lead Generation

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